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If you are looking to hire iOS developer in Canada for your new endeavor, you've reached the correct place. Canadiv iOS developers are the best in the industry and offer complete assistance and support required for your BIG project.

The term iOS developer refers to highly skilled individuals developing and maintaining iOS systems applications, also known as the Apple mobile operating system. The applications so created are workable and used only with the iOS interface, like the iPhone, iPad, and more. The languages used by iOS developers are usually Swift and Objective-C.

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There's no second-guessing our developer's proficiency with the most common languages to develop iOS applications. Since our team has been working with them for a while, they are highly proficient in applying the preferred languages.


Our developers have in-depth knowledge of the iOS operating system. To ensure they are always updated with the ever-evolving ecosystem, they are constantly reading and learning about the new improvements in iOS whenever they are made.


It's common to encounter problems while creating or testing the applications and to ensure that is not the case when you get an end product from Canadiv, our team solves all the problems for you in any case.


Optimizing an app for performance and efficiency is essential. Our developers know this well; hence, they understand and always have a keen lookout on memory management, CPU usage, and other factors affecting an app's speed and responsiveness.

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iOS App Development Services in Canada At Canadiv

iOS App Development Services At Canadiv

iOS developers offer a range of services related to the development and maintenance of iOS (Apple's mobile operating system) applications. A few of the major iOS app development services Canadiv developers offer apart from other iOS application development include:

ic-checkmark-blue App testing
ic-checkmark-blue Swift programming
ic-checkmark-blue App optimisation
ic-checkmark-blue App maintenance and updates
ic-checkmark-blue App store submission
ic-checkmark-blue Security and data protection
ic-checkmark-blue AR/VR development
ic-checkmark-blue App consultation
ic-checkmark-blue Apple Watch and Apple TV app development

Technology Stack

Here is an array of tools and technologies our Flutter App Developers are proficient
at utilizing for different Flutter app development needs:


Xcode is one of the essential technological aspects of developing an iOS app because it is an official ecosystem integrated by Apple itself for application creation.


UIKit, as the name suggests, is the core framework of the application, which aids in application interface development. Essential components falling under UIKit include iOS UI/UX design, navigation controllers, and more.


It's a factor used in the iOS development process, dependent on the requirements of the application, because it is the tool providing the framework for augmented reality in order to create AR experiences.


Firebase is another basic essential to have and use because it serves as the backbone of the backend and provides various services like authentication, real-time databases, and cloud functions.

App Store Connect

Another new-age resource that must be used by iOS developers is App Store Connect, which connects the application with the iOS operating system and takes care of it all after integration, including management and all.


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Our Onboarding Journey

Our Onboarding Journey Process to Hire IOS Developer in Canada

We have considered our solutions to support every stage of your growth.

  • Marketing

  • Strategy

  • Development

iOS Development- Process


Strategy and Planning

Once the initial step is taken and the goals, vision, objectives, and more application details are finalized and narrated clearly to the developers. The technological experts start with their strategy and planning for the project, which includes deciding everything from the app's features and functionalities to the technology stack, platform (iOS), and development tools to be used.


Design and Development

After things are fixed, the next step is to begin with the design and development of the application, Xcode development, and dive into the technological details and coding.


Backend Development

Another thing that is done after application development and design is the development of the backend of the app, the core back source, which will help properly function the mobile application.



After everything is developed, it's time to trial and run to ensure the iOS application functions properly without any errors, pauses, or something else.


Post-Development Activities

Once all the technological processes are done, our team then focuses on other things like marketing, app optimization, and a lot of other things that need to be looked after, though not entirely tech-based.

Key Features Of Our Canadiv React JS Development Services

Canadiv offers a team of React JS developers with a host of key features to ensure top-notch solutions:

ic-checkmark-blue Custom iOS app development
ic-checkmark-blue iOS project showcase
ic-checkmark-blue Cross-platform app development
ic-checkmark-blue Prototyping and wireframing
ic-checkmark-blue App strategy and consulting
ic-checkmark-blue Ongoing app maintenance, updates, and bug fixes
ic-checkmark-blue 24/7 customer support and issue resolution
ic-checkmark-blue Backend server development and integration with the app
ic-checkmark-blue Strategies to improve app visibility and rankings on the app store
ic-checkmark-blue Expertise in ARKit and Core ML for augmented reality apps
ic-checkmark-blue Development of apps for Apple Watch and other wearable devices
ic-checkmark-blue App marketing and promotion
ic-checkmark-blue Social media integration and marketing
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Canadiv? Hire iOS Developers in Canada

Why Choose Our iOS Developer in Canada

We say so firmly because our team houses some of the most skilled iOS developers. Along with that, our dedicated team has extensive experience, which aids not just us as a company but also your iOS development process, hence adding to the special set of solutions and innovations offered by us.

Whether it's for designing, API integration, maintenance, monitoring, or anything else, our team of carefully chosen iOS developers makes sure to deliver the final product you desire and meets all of your criteria.


When you create an project with us, you get free helpline services to help you succeed

Because we have the finest of the whole lot, with not just technological knowledge, skill, and expertise but also educational background from reformed universities.

Yes! you can. We're the best iOS development company offering comprehensive services. We do offer various marketing services to promote your brand in the market and its launch in the ecosystem.

For sure, our team not only helps you with application development, but we also ensure to provide our valuable insight whenever required. Doing so will aid the process and help you get the end product that matches your needs.

Canadiv specializes in iOS app development services. We provide end-to-end solutions, from concept to deployment, including design, development, testing, and ongoing support for your iOS apps.

WWe have an experienced team of iOS app developers with a track record in creating a wide range of successful apps. Our collective expertise ensures we can handle projects of any scale and complexity.

We serve clients from healthcare, finance, e-commerce, entertainment, education, and more. Our expertise extends to diverse sectors.

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